The Writing Blocks

The Writing Blocks
Idea Dice

Writing Blocks Idea Dice® were developed by award-winning, multi-published author Mia Zachary to provide out-of-the-box solutions for creative thinkers of all ages.

“I BELIEVE that writer’s block can happen anytime in your career – 1st novel or 50th

…… that I’ve had writer’s block several hundred times, like 10-20 times per book,… that having writer’s block totally stinks on ice,

… that getting around/over/through writer’s block should be fun, and, that I’ve invented something to help you every single time.”

– Mia Zachary

In 2010, a stuck, panicked writer got frustrated with the eighth draft of a new manuscript. That latest bout of writer’s block demanded a change of perspective, a different way of dealing with an old, familiar problem. And, that’s when it hit her – writer’s block… writing blocks…

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