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Student Driver Ed

STUDENT DRIVER ED PRODUCTS was founded in 1996 and is run by a Driver Ed Instructor and School Manager.  Our products are used and recommended by AAA, NYPD, and the State of Georgia’s Highway Safety Department.

SPECIALIZING IN Behind the Wheel and Teaching and Classroom Products.  Great for Parent Training and Professional Driver Education Teachers alike.

DRIVING IS DANGEROUS  Student Driver Ed Products and the use of our innovative approaches will keep your teen safer.

ONE-STOP-LOCATION for a huge variety of the highest quality products for students, trainers and schools.

TRY OUR PARKING POLES Made specifically for Training your new driver and rated for Highway and all-weather conditions.

KEEP TEENS ALCOHOL FREE Alcohol, next to Driving, is the #1 Health Risk for Teens.  Curriculums in driving schools only go so far.  Get the latest information presented in the most modern way.  Student Driver Ed Products has the information you need.  Choose our Alcohol Bundle for the complete package.

CRITICAL SAFETY INFORMATION  Student Driver Ed Behind-the-Wheel Products offer critical safety information for you and your teen.  Mirrors, Coaching Clipboards, and Training Brakes (some requiring NO DRILLING) for extended In-Vehicle Training.

TEEN SAFETY Ensure your Teen’s safety with our Roadside Safety Bundles. The Emergency Breakdown Kit is a must for every new driver.  The Roadside Survival Guide will prepare you for the most common roadside breakdowns and how to manage them.

‘Keeping Your Teen Safer- Since 1996″

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