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We Don’t Just Make Websites
We Create a Web Presence

Bizness Concepts offers affordable web design for the Independent Business Professional. We give you a corporate look without the corporate price.  And, if you want to do your own thing (editing, updates, etc.) we offer browser-based, easy to learn, WordPress sites as well.

Larger website companies build your site, then hand it off to you to manage. And, if that’s what you want to do, we’ll create a site that let’s you do your own thing.

Consider This

[smarticon name=”fa fa-clock-o”]   Do you honestly have the time it takes to run your business and manage a website?

[smarticon name=”fa fa-database”]   To learn all the special coding needed to make it work correctly so you’re not stuck with the unhappy results of a template site?

[smarticon name=”fa fa-tasks”]   Do you know how to make the META tags work effectively for great SEO, assuming you can even edit the META tags with your template?

Don’t Annoy Your Visitors

Many do-it-yourselfer’s create sites that look like a circus of colors. Change the color of this header or paragraph to call attention to it, then use a different color on the next because it’s more important than the last, etc.  Pretty soon the visitor’s eye doesn’t know where to look.  Your visitor gets so frustrated they leave your site and look elsewhere.

Watch Out for Junk

•  Music. Love the song – so will all your visitors. NOT
•  Flash – fun to do, and so distracting.
•  Images not optimized – can you see the bars as the page SLOWLY loads
•  Is your site mobile responsive? Who cares about tablet and phone users?
•  Minimal bandwith – cheap hosting site? Throttling?  Why is it so SLOW?

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