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ABH-Smith Consulting

Success is Only A Goal Away – A number of strategies have been developed through extensive research and higher education experience in order to provide students, counselors, educators and others with valuable information on achieving success academically, socially, and personally.

Answer Quest Technologies

Answer Quest Technologies, Inc. provides a wide range of services listed above including WordPress Consulting and Webmaster Services.  A State of Maryland Certified Woman-Owned Business, Answer Quest has been providing services since 1998.  Based in the Mid-Atlantic near Baltimore, Maryland, Answer Quest offers on-site services and has easy access to the surrounding areas (from Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh).  Answer Quest will travel nationwide to provide on-site services at your location.

Best Choice Driving School Austin, TX

We are the fastest and safest way to legally get your driver’s license.
$375 Combination Course – Includes Online and Self-Paced Classroom.Our teachers have a minimum of 25 years teaching drivers education.
If the parent does not have time or is to “scared” to drive with their teen, we will do the driving log for a reduced fee.
For $300.00 we also offer an adult 6- hour driving lessons.

DrillLESS Brake

logo - DrillLESS BrakeOur DRILLESS Technology provides a solution for Brake Installation in Modern Driver’s Ed Cars everywhere.  As technology increases in newer vehicles, so do hazards and obstacles that make the old way of bolting into the floor a danger and hassle.

Driver Training Products

Classroom Aids
Teen Driver Survival Guide II
Customized Classroom Workbook
Dual Brakes & Parts
Universal Dual Brake Control for automatic transmission car and van installation.
Magnetic Signs
Safety Kits
Best Value Kit – The most comprehensive small car emergency kit. It covers two major problems you might have with your car on a road; flat tires and dead batteries.
And much more

Kristen Cauble-Morse

Kristen Cauble-Morse, International Fine Artist,  is currently offering a wide range of products that are individually designed and painted, each piece has a protective clear coat applied to resist weathering during outdoor display.  Check out her Scarves and Tees.  She also offers painting classes, and holds Painting with Wine and Painting Events at your location.

Sara Sharps Book

Local girl, Sara Sharps is living an ordinary existence in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia in the late Summer of 1859.  All that ends when she meets and falls in love with John Cook, aka William Binder, a Lieutenant in John Brown’s Provisional Army, there to participate in the upcoming October raid.  A striking and capable seventeen year old girl, Sara senses and uncovers the ill-fated raid… but will she be able to stop it?

The 33 Questions

Discover how to take control of your life and destiny with this guide to personal transformation. Drawing upon the research of great Psychiatrists, Theologians, Writers, and Academics, the book establishes what is at stake in doing, or alternately not doing this important work.
It emphatically asserts that in every life, a ‘THIS or THAT’ moment arrives, one in which we either face a dimmer and diminished future or outline and take the steps to claim a brighter tomorrow.

Writing Corner

The place for writers and the readers who love them.  Writing Corner has been updated to create an even better resource than before.  In addition. The best writers’ resource you’ll find on the internet.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Writers, Resources, and much more to help both the experienced and novice writer.

And, if you like contests this is the place.

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