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Writing Corner

The place for writers and the readers who love them.

Welcome to Writing Corner, a familiar friend has been updated to create an even better resource than before.

We’ll be keeping the information you found so helpful. In addition, we’ll be expanding the reach of the site and its knowledge base, to make this the best writers’ resource you’ll find on the internet. What will set the new Writing Corner apart from other sites is its appeal to writers AND readers (and those of you who are in both categories!). We’ll be featuring author websites as part of Writing Corner, giving authors and writers two great things: an affordable Web presence and a one-stop shop for fans and fellow writers.

There’s plenty of exciting things in store. Look for our grand re-opening giveaways, contests, market news, links to other resources, as well as a great new how-to section called Tips and Tricks.

Find your favorite writers, learn valuable writing tips, stay abreast of the industry… it will all be here on Writing Corner.

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